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Our company is specialized in the production, development and application of new technology and toys. Founded in 2010, at the beginning of the establishment of mainly Guangdong Austrian flying animation Auldey, Silverlit Silverlit Hong Kong ODM, and CCP, acme, AEI, Academy and have a long-term relations of cooperation. From the independent research and development, production and OEM shipments! To temper the perfect quality control system. 

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The dark technology that baffles everyone is conquered by this Chenghai toy brand

[September 21, 2007] In recent years, the UAV industry has become extremely popular, but the high price has raised the threshold for its access. Although Dajiang, ZeroSmart and others have successively launched coveted consumer level selfie drones, the prices of thousands of yuan are still not user-friendly.



2017 Hong Kong Toy New Product Exhibition

Innovative integration of a number of practical patent technologies, including dual compass, directional follow, and remote control return practical patents; The utility model patent of over distance automatic return lock distance, etc. Through APP