UAV Becomes a "Little Expert" in Traffic Management

With the maturity of civil UAV manufacturing industry, the quality and performance of related products have been improved, and the price is more reasonable, which makes the application of UAV in government affairs such as fire rescue, traffic management, environmental protection supervision more common. In China, local government departments are actively purchasing UAVs to strengthen management and law enforcement capabilities and improve work efficiency.

In June 2018, Changzhou Traffic Police Detachment Elevated Battalion said at the press conference that unmanned aerial vehicles have been used to help investigate and deal with traffic violations on the city's elevated roads, mainly taking pictures of phone calls, pressing lines, not wearing seat belts, trucks running through restricted areas, illegal parking, etc. More than 100 traffic violations were captured within 2 weeks of the launch of UAV.

During the National Day holiday in 2018, the traffic police of Chengdu Expressway in Sichuan Province carried out high-speed traffic regulation and used unmanned aerial vehicles and other equipment. Since October 6, the Chengdu traffic police have deployed police forces on the beltway, Chengdu Guanzhou Expressway, Chengdu Wenqiong Expressway, Chengdu Pengzhou Expressway and other municipal expressways, and used drones to capture illegal acts occupying emergency lanes.

In February 2019, due to the large number of tourists during the Spring Festival, in order to better manage traffic order and ensure traffic safety, the traffic police corps of Hainan Public Security Department used drones to carry out air patrol law enforcement, extending the law enforcement coverage, and captured a total of 130 traffic violations. In addition, traffic police departments in Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities have also used UAVs to assist traffic law enforcement.

In the face of more and more "air traffic police", many netizens said that the use of new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) not only reflects the traffic management departments' determination to innovate and apply for change, but also reflects that new technologies and new products are put into practical application to maintain traffic safety and order, and also reflects the increasing popularity of scientific and technological products such as UAVs and shows positive value.

Some netizens also believe that UAV assisted law enforcement does help traffic management and improve the work efficiency of traffic management departments. However, it cannot be ignored that UAV may also involve security, privacy and other issues in the law enforcement process. If the UAV captures personal privacy and is leaked, or the UAV suddenly loses control when performing tasks, resulting in falling and hurting people, how to determine the responsibility?

The different opinions of netizens have their own reasons. At present, whether it is applied to traffic management or other fields, the privacy, security and other issues faced by UAV products are universal. But relatively speaking, when used as a law enforcement tool, UAVs have received more attention and assumed more responsibility.

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