How does Fineco stand out in the hot aircraft market?

From the amazing appearance of the "first voice controlled four axis aircraft", to the super headless mode four axis aircraft, return to follow, and super long endurance... In recent years, at professional toy exhibitions at home and abroad, Shenzhen Fineco Technology Co., Ltd. (Fineco) has always been able to attract the attention and hot discussion of the industry with new innovative aircraft products. Today, when most toy enterprises follow the trend blindly and the competition in toy aircraft market is becoming increasingly fierce, how can the new brand Fineco quickly win the market? What is the hidden story behind it?

(Fineco) Each product has its own story and soul. " In the exhibition hall located in Chenghai, Shantou, Wu Huaiyu, the general manager of Fineco, is demonstrating the latest products of the company to the reporter of Chinaforeign Toy Network. This is a person in charge of a technology-based toy enterprise. As long as he turns on the aircraft switch and picks up the remote control, Wu Huaiyu will be energetic and elated immediately, whether at the professional exhibition sites at home and abroad or in the factory exhibition hall. With the wonderful flight performance, he blurts out professional words. Rather than demonstrating products, he is demonstrating his own works - almost every new product has added the latest technology research and development achievements of the technophile. Therefore, the differentiation of each product is also obvious, which may be the unique soul of the product he refers to.


Wu Huaiyu Demonstrates Products to Reporters from China and Foreign Toy Network


At the Canton Fair at the end of April, Fineco launched a four-axis aircraft with a 20 minute endurance. Through all-round optimization of motors, electronic boards, etc., the product's endurance was 1-2 times longer than that of ordinary products. At the same time, the product is set with low power and long-distance vibration reminder, which can realize automatic return and ensure safety; It can also be equipped with high-definition cameras of different specifications, which can realize horizontal and vertical adjustment and even follow function to meet different needs of customers. Another masterpiece, the FX-4V, the second generation of voice controlled height setting aircraft with practical patents, is completely out of hand control and uses full range voice control to complete interactive entertainment modes such as "self taking", "video recording" and "photographing", which is fashionable and cool.


At the exhibition site, Fineco's new products not only attracted the attention of many European and American purchasers, but also attracted many peers to "steal experience". Surprisingly, Wu Huaiyu frankly shared with him. In his opinion, the communication with the industry is also a process of continuous learning and improvement. However, he has also done his homework for the technologies involved in the company's R&D core. On the day of the company's interview, Wu Huaiyu was communicating with the lawyer about the patent application of a new technology. It is reported that since the establishment of its own brand, the company has obtained more than 50 patents for utility models, inventions and designs.





At the Canton Fair, many new products launched by Fineco attracted much attention


Wu Huaiyu can be called the "old man" in the remote control toy industry. In fact, Body Toy Factory, the predecessor of Fineco, was once an ODM (original design manufacturer) OEM of the top toy brands in China, such as Yinhui and Audi. The "behind the scenes" training has enabled Fineco to accumulate a strong technical foundation and R&D strength, and the factory also has excellent quality assurance. At present, Fineco has maintained close cooperation with many European and American customers, and excellent product quality is the magic weapon to win customer recognition.


In recent years, the UAV market has become extremely popular, and consumer UAVs have become popular. Wu Huaiyu, with his years of experience in electronics, has jointly developed a unique product (super toy aircraft) with chip solution companies at home and abroad. In the future, on the one hand, the company will continue to innovate, on the other hand, it will continue to collect customer needs and improve products. In the near future, the company will launch more "fool type" simple control products to meet the needs of lower age groups. In the future, it is also planned to launch products that combine AR technology for motion control. In his view, Fineco is a technology toy company with new technology application as its core.

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