Breakthrough in R&D technology and acceleration of UAV application

Recently, it was learned from the National Bureau of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information that China's self-developed remote sensing system for ultra long endurance UAVs has been successfully developed, breaking the longest endurance of 16 hours for remote sensing UAVs in China, and setting a new record of 30 hours. Industry insiders believe that due to the important breakthrough in research and development technology, the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in China is expected to be greatly promoted.

In addition to the long endurance of the remote sensing system, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by China Surveying and Mapping Research Institute affiliated to China Surveying and Mapping Science Corporation has also made innovations in such aspects as rapid mapping of rare or no ground control points, building a small and light UAV monitoring platform by using Beidou, and online flight of multiple sorties in the same airspace. Its technical indicators have reached the domestic leading level, opening a new era of civil small and light UAV remote sensing system.

It is reported that this UAV is equipped with a high-performance four stroke air-cooled engine, which gives it enough power. The high light carbon fiber composite fuselage and V-shaped tail make it light in weight, small in resistance and small in displacement, thus achieving a long endurance. This can ensure the integrity and consistency of UAV in acquiring aerial remote sensing data, and meet the mapping task of large area of map blank area and special area.

Industry insiders believe that with the development of technology, the market prospect and commercial potential of UAV will be more broad.

At present, the UAV led by the National Bureau of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information has played a role in the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Zhouqu debris flow, Lushan earthquake and other rescue and relief and post disaster reconstruction.

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